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in home and virtual holistic counseling for ambitious, independent women who are ready to let go of people pleasing, self sabotage, and "should be".

Balancing Rocks

Does this sound familiar?

  • You struggle with anxiety and depression

  • You feel like a fraud

  • You blame yourself for things not going right

  • You constantly second guess yourself

  • You feel you are responsible for everyone else's happiness

  • You worry about what other people think

  • You oscillate between feeling too many emotions and feeling numb

  • The same thing keeps happening to you and you can't figure out why

  • You keep trying new "things" to feel better but they aren't working

  • You've tried therapy in the past but did not get the results you hoped for

  • You're on medication but still have more bad days than good....

Then you've come to the right place.

Imagine instead
being able to...

  • Conquer anxiety and depression without medication or endless therapy
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin

  • Let go of things that aren't serving you

  • Live life with ease and feel at peace with yourself

  • Control your emotions instead of them controlling you

  • Live life on YOUR terms 

Image by Jesse Gardner

Say goodbye to the bullshit and hello to a sustainable, balanced emotional state of living.


the bad bitches guide to end

people pleasing

Do you want to keep putting yourself on the back-burner? Not speaking up for yourself? Giving all of you to everyone, while not getting anything in return? Believing that you’re not good enough? Feeling anxious about everything? Not taking action on dreams or goals? Feeling blocked in what you KNOW you need to do?

If you answered no - then this guide is for you.

To learn more and get your FREE copy, 
sign up here.

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