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"Dr. Hesselbrock has been wonderful to work with. Even after years of working with licensed therapists she helped me to get a deeper insight into my mental health. She helped me shift my perspective and reframe my emotions and anxieties in a way that’s had a positive impact on all areas of my life. I highly recommend working with her if you’re ready to dig deeper and gain a greater insight into your emotional health so that you can get to living as your most authentic self."


""Dr. Hesselbrock was very easy to talk to. She made me feel safe, held space for me, and helped guide me to dig deeper in order to get to those subconscious beliefs. It was something no other psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, self help book, etc. has been able to help me do before.


"Dr. Hesselbrockl is genuinely curious, she doesn’t move forward until she understands what you’re saying and why you’re feeling how you’re feeling. She asks all the right questions, questions I wouldn’t dare ask myself because it seemed too scary or too risky. I feel safe with her; I trust her. She’s there for me even when I don’t want to be! If you’ve been wondering what the next step in your process is, I’m telling you, this is one of the best places to be. Dr. Hesselbrock is so humble and keeps everything very professional. She is honest and forthright; she is the strength that allows you to ‘let go’ and explore your thoughts and emotions."


I cannot say more wonderful things about what an amazing listener Dr. Hesselbrock is! One session with her triggered a chain of events that have transformed my life. Through holistic counseling she really helped me get to the underlying belief that was holding me back in life. I’d recommend her 100x over!


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"Doctor Rachel Hesselbrock is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met. She came to my work when I was sick and gave me an IV. I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone and everyone. Alinea Health owner, Dr. Rachel is a a problem solver that shows empathy and tact while tailoring the proper care to her patients. Do not hesitate to reach out to her."


"For years I’ve been struggling with anxiety and numbing behaviors. I have been working on my mental health for years trying to change thought patterns and incorporate yoga, meditation, and nutrition but even with all that work I still haven’t been able to shake the anxiety or episodes of numbness. I consider myself pretty self-aware and have taken the time to reflect on my past experiences and I have been making slow and steady progress. I did one session with Dr. Hesselbrock and things came out that I’ve never thought about or considered and that was truly shocking. Our session helped me start to uncover the driving forces behind some of my current coping mechanisms and with that came so much relief. I feel like one session was worth about a years’ worth of solo progress. Digging out the root cause is never pretty but it is so worth it. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hesselbrock – she makes you feel comfortable, she is patient and wonderful to work with.



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