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"I cannot recommend Dr. Hesselbrock more highly. She was incredibly thorough, listed intently, and had a sincere and genuine interest in helping me. I didn’t feel rushed at all and had her undivided attention. She went above and beyond, making follow up calls on the weekend and was not satisfied until I was feeling completely better. I honestly felt like I underpaid her based on the time she spent with me and the level of care she provided. I never thought I would feel that way about a doctor. She is truly one of a kind!"


"Dr Rachel is an amazing Dr. I have acid reflux really bad, and have  been seeing her for about 4 months now. She has me in a special diet and am now heading in the right direction. She is the most caring Dr I have ever met. She is all for the patient and what is best for the patient. I will never go to another Dr, she is the one. I am so glad that I have met her."


"One day at work I realized I was tired all day, wasn't thinking and functioning the way I used to and it progressively got worse throughout the day.  Since I recently had my blood work done from my PCP and they said all my numbers looked good, I knew I had to find an alternative.  My husband recommended I visit Dr. Hesselbrock.  She ordered my blood work, and immediately found the problem.  She recommended an all natural pill, instead of a prescription, along with a few diet changes and I have noticed a difference.  About a month later I got sick and knew bronchitis and sinusitis were coming.  I went to a clinic and was loaded up with over the counter products that didn't help.  Two days later I woke up sicker than ever.  By the end of that day my husband told me to go back to Dr. Hesselbrock.  He called her that night and she got up early the next morning and met us at the office.  She was so bubbly and did everything she could to keep my spirits up.  Her bedside manner is amazing!  I told her I didn't like needles.  She was so quick and gentle I didn't even feel the needle go in my arm.  She followed up with me that day.  The next day I was still feeling bad.  My husband was out of town so she drove to my house, in rush hour traffic, to bring me some natural medicine and provided natural remedies I could do at my house.  I started feeling better within 24 hours. She followed up with me everyday for a week.  I can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Hesselbrock is.  She is caring, funny, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her patients.  I will recommend to everyone to go see Dr. Hesselbrock!"


I"I appreciate Dr Rachel's approach to health care. Unlike most doctors who are only looking to treat the symptoms and spend only about 5-10 minutes with you. Dr Rachel is willing to take time to get to understand you and your health concerns. Then work a plan to help you meet your health goals. I also  appreciate that she is open to working within my comfort level, never pushing any treatment, but listening to me and making suggestions about how to improve my overall health. Highly recommended!"


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"Doctor Rachel Hesselbrock is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met. She came to my work when I was sick and gave me an IV. I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone and everyone. Alinea Health owner, Dr. Rachel is a a problem solver that shows empathy and tact while tailoring the proper care to her patients. Do not hesitate to reach out to her."


"I can’t thank Dr. Rachel for being part of my life. I started seeing her about a year ago after having anxiety for over 4 years. Her approach wasn't just about treating anxiety, It was about treating what was causing the anxiety.

There is no doubt that Dr. Rachel Hesselbrock is changing the way of how we think about medicine. What Doctor does this? Dr. Rachel comes to you and she is a great listener because our session has no time, it can go for 2 hours. I love our sessions because I have the opportunity to talk about meds, food, exercise, and mental health. I have learned so much about myself than all my years visiting a medical Doctor. I will always be grateful!! You’re amazing!! Dr. Rachel, thank you for being part of my life."



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