No matter what it's called, talking about what's bothering you is an important part of feeling well. The more we bottle things up, the more angry/sad/depressed/anxious we become. Often, having an outsider in on your "stuff" helps to give you perspective on what may be causing you upset and offer insight as to how actions or thoughts can be modified to help get you the result you want.

While everyone could use someone to talk to, those who would benefit from Holistic Counseling are men/women going through a transitioning periods, those who are depressed, anxious, sad, angry, or grieving.
Blood pressure through the roof? Need a physical for your job or school?  Want an annual check up? New spot on your skin that has you worried? Screening exams are the first step to determining is something should be further investigated.

While many of the concerns that may arise can be taken care of by Alinea, there are some that would be better handled by a specialist. If this happens to be the case, Alinea will do anything and everything to find you the right referral to get you the care you deserve.
Minor surgical procedures are those that are done in an outpatient setting and require local anesthetic. Such procedures include:
-Lipoma (fatty tumor) removal
-Cyst removal
-Abscess removal/ Incision and Drainage (I&D)
-Skin tag/mole/wart removal
-Removal of foreign objects from superficial wounds
-Laceration debridement and suture
-Suture removal

In short, we cut or burn things off of you.
Acupuncture is the age old practice of inserting small needles into specific points on the body along meridians. The stimulation of these points through the use of needles helps to release endorphins (feel good molecules) as well promote self healing to relieve most any condition, including GI upset (GERD, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea/constipation), Anxiety/Depression, Insomnia, Pain, and many many more.
IV therapy
IV's (intravenous) administrations are a great way to have an immediate impact on your health and well being. Vitamins and minerals can be adjusted to your individual needs and offer relief from fatigue, dehydration, and stress.
other services offered
Botanical formulations
Naturopathic Manipulation
Medication Management/Prescriptions