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What does Alinea Mean

Alinea, from the latin linea, referring to which indicates the start of a new thought and a new way of thinking.

Too often we are trapped in a loop of stress, negativity, frustration, and torment. By creating a new way of thinking we eliminate those loops and begin a new, grounded inner dialogue that calms the mind, body, and spirit. 

Our Purpose: To help you gain control over your mental, emotional, and physical health through mobile and telemedicine, holistic counseling, homeopathy services, and more – so you can live your life fully, happily, and unapologetically. 

how it works

1. Call 480-454-5583 or check out to book your appointment

2.  Check your email for the link to schedule your first appointment

3. Read the What to Expect down below before your first appointment

4. Be home or at the office the time of your scheduled your appointment


That's it!

what to expect 

Seeing a holistic, mind-body medicine practitioner is quite a different experience from seeing a conventional doctor or any practitioner that works strictly by treating the symptoms of disease.


Our goal is to help you understand.. well you.


In order to do this we will ask a lot of questions. Plan to do most of the talking during our visits. You will get to share your innermost struggles, fears, weaknesses, and issues that you’ve carried your whole life.

The questions we ask will  help you dive deeper into what's troubling you, getting us to the root of what's going on.

We want you to be comfortable so we meet you where you're at. Literally. Going out for coffee? A hike? On your couch? Online? We're there. This allows a space for maximum therapeutic effect. There's nothing worse than being in an uncomfortable environment and trying to share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

The vibe of your appointments is relaxed. We don't rush and let things unfold as they will. We don't stick to a particular script and flow with whatever is coming up. This may seem a bit "lax", but we always get to the heart of things no matter where we start. 

You may be given homework. Journaling, drawing, painting, meditation, walking.. Nothing is out of the question. This is to help you dive further into topics that may need extra attention.

We may suggest homeopathic remedies. You can choose to take it or not. But.. they help. A lot. 

This is some of the most important work you will ever do in your life. ​

We take it seriously and know that you bringing us onto your team means you're taking it seriously too. 

Thus, you have our undivided attention at all visits.

Admit it.

You’re living your life how you think others want you to live your life or some version of “should be…”.

You’ve been putting others needs before your own. You’ve been staying quiet about your wants and needs from family, friends, and colleagues. You’ve been saying “Yes.” when you want to say “No.” You’ve taken extra responsibilities that are not yours (or not solely yours). You’ve been changing your schedule to suit others needs. You’ve been shoving down your feelings because others seem to get upset when you voice them.


It’s ok. I’ve fallen into the trap of people pleasing too.


the bad bitches guide to end

people pleasing

But I've got a question for you.

Do you want to keep living this way?


Putting yourself on the back-burner? Not speaking up for yourself? Giving all of you to everyone, while not getting anything in return? Believing that you’re not good enough? Feeling anxious about everything? Not taking action on dreams or goals? Feeling blocked in what you KNOW you need to do?

If you answered no - then this guide is for you.

Normally $17, but for a limited time, you can download this guide for FREE.

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