about alinea health

The Birth of Alinea: Alinea Health was born on a weekend after Dr. Rachel had witnessed a bartender cut himself on glassware  while out to dinner. The bartender asked her if he would need stitches, and indeed he did due to the depth of the cut. Dr. Rachel thought to herself that if she only had her equipment she could have stitched him up right then and there saving him time and money needed for an Urgent Care visit. Suddenly, it came to her. Why not be available to people when it's convenient for them? Why not go to where life is happening and handling it on the spot? She combined this with her extreme hatred of sitting in an office all day, and BAM! Alinea was born.

Our Purpose: To provide accessible, affordable, and convenient healthcare, combining both natural and conventional treatment options that address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ones health.

how it works

1. Call 480-454-5583 or schedule online to set up your appointment

2. Read the What to Expect down below before your first appointment

3. Be home or at the office the time of your scheduled your appointment


That's it!

what to expect 

Seeing a holistic, mind-body medicine practitioner is quite a different experience from seeing a conventional doctor or any practitioner that works strictly by treating the symptoms of disease.


Our goal is to help you understand.. well you.


In order to do this we will ask a lot of questions. Plan to do most of the talking during our visits. You will get to share your innermost struggles, fears, weaknesses, and issues that you’ve carried your whole life.

The questions we ask will  help you dive deeper into what's troubling you, getting us to the root of what's going on.

We want you to be comfortable so we meet you where you're at. Literally. Going out for coffee? A hike? On your couch? Online? We're there. This allows a space for maximum therapeutic effect. There's nothing worse than being in an uncomfortable enviorment an trying to share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

The vibe of your appointments is relaxed. We don't rush and let things unfold as they will. We don't stick to a particular script and flow with whatever is coming up. This may seem a bit "lax", but we always get to the heart of things no matter where we start. 

You may be given homework. Journaling, drawing, painting, meditation, walking.. Nothing is out of the question. This is to help you dive further into topics that may need extra attention.

We may suggest homeopathic remedies. You can choose to take it or not. But.. they help. A lot. 

This is some of the most important work you will ever do in your life. 

We take it seriously and know that you bringing us onto your team means your taking it seriosly too. 

Thus, you have our undivided attention at all visits.